Vista Cay 2016 Rental Rates are now online.

Vista Cay 2016 Rental rates for most Vista Cay Resort Orlando Condominiums and Townhouses are available now – some good early bird bargains and of course selection of the most preferred units.

Use these handy links to search for (adding your dates into the search box): Vista Cay 2 Bed Ventura / Vista Cay 3 Bed Ventura / Vista Cay 2 Bed Monterey / Vista Cay 3 Bed Monterey / Vista Cay Townhouse

For units only in The Isles of Cay area: The Isles of Cay area only

For units only with a Lakeview: Vista Cay and The Isles of Cay units with lakeview

Vista Cay Resort Orlando

Update: There is now a licensed pool bar open at the Vista Cay Resort Clubhouse (hours vary) for guests to enjoy. The backsplash of the new bar is decorated with colorful mosaic tiles, along with two lamps. The bar area features a large flat screen TV where sports events and movies play throughout the day. In addition, the bar has several high chairs where guests can sit and relax while sipping on a cocktail, as well as domestic and imported beer.

So, finally there is a place at Vista Cay to socialize and relax! Whether you want a cold beer, a rum-and-coke, mojito, piña colada, or strawberry daiquiri—you can get it at the new pool bar!


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